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The Title Report is a result of an elaborate and complete search of prior uses of your title as well as other similar titles. Although titles cannot be copyrighted, use of a title which is indelibly linked in the public mind with a film or television program (such as "Gone With the Wind," for example) can subject you to possible litigation based upon the likelihood of confusion if the title is trademarked, or on passing off if it appears your title may be linked to some previous very successful film or book. The Report can also ensure that another producer is not currently producing a film or television program of the same title. This Report will enable the producer to determine whether he can safely use his title.

The report includes a search of the U.S. Copyright Office and the Library of Congress records, common law sources that provide information on motion pictures, television, videos, dramatic works, comic books, music and current tradepaper references, and Federal trademark records. 



The Title Opinion is a document generated by an attorney in which the attorney gives his or her opinion, based on the information in the Title Search, as to whether the title of the project is safe to use.  This report can be generated by the Law Offices of Suzanne R. Vaughan



2017 RATES

Regular- $375.00 (4-6 business days turnaround once payment received) 
If the title is less than 3 words, it will be a large title search, for which the charge 
is an additional $100. If there are hundreds of references in the Copyright Office, 
IMDB or, we charge an additional $200 to $300 instead of $100. 
2 to 3 Day Rush- An additional $100  
1 Day Rush- An additional $300.00  
Title Opinion- $275.00 (2 to 3 day turnaround) 

Payment may be made by check or by credit card for which there is no charge, but we prefer credit cards because we do not start work until we receive payment.


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