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We create a Script Clearance Report that will provide the producer with information needed to satisfy their Errors and Omissions insurance carrier and to minimize the possibility of legal claims. The Script Clearance Report will alert the producer to areas of possible legal exposure in his script by checking all names and noting possible conflicts with actual or otherwise protected names or entities.   We also check not only names of characters, but also businesses, schools, organizations, product names, and locations. Should you desire, we will check fictional names for you as a replacement for real ones or provide fictional ones for you. 

In addition, we note possible defamatory references in dialogue, as well as references to copyrighted material of all kinds, including clips, still photographs, books or works of art, and props. We insure that your script is factually accurate, as well.  Our research facilities include reference books, on-line sources and an elaborate database, which includes contacts for studios, celebrities, estates, and representatives of stock footage, photographs, etc. 

Our Script Clearance Report is intended as a research product and is not an insurance guarantee, nor a legal opinion. We can provide a legal opinion through the Law Offices of Suzanne R. Vaughan, should you  desire.


FEATURE FILMS - We charge $1000.00 flat for scripts up to 100 pages and $10 per page for every page more. This includes three (3) revisions with a 7 to 9 day turnaround once we receive payment. For a 5 day rush, it is an additional $200. 

ONE HOUR TV PROGRAMS  -  $10 per page

HALF HOUR TV PROGRAMS - $10 per page

NAME CLEARANCE - Any names which appear in the script are cleared gratis. Additional name clearances are $25 each.

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