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Howl - Radiant Cool Entertainment

To Be Friends -  To Be Friends LLC

Coming and Going -  Coming and Going LLC

Bonneville - Sen Art Films, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Bagboy - Mar Vista Films

Adult Swim Scripts -  Wee Pirate Films (internet webisodes)

Adventures with the Ambersons -  Hands in the Middle (internet webisodes)

Elvis Has Left the Building -  Lionsgate Entertainment

Days of Wrath -  Foxy Films, Independent

Mean Creek - Whitewater Films, Paramount Pictures

Greta - Whitewater Films

500 Days of Summer -  Fox Searchlight, Warner Bros

The Van Neistat Brothers - HBO Series

Videos with Roger and Waco - Internet Series

Kabluey -  Whitewater Films, Regent Releasing,  Sony Pictures Entertainment

Kiss The Bride -  Shadow Factory, Regent Releasing

Left in Darkness - Cannell Films

Mysterious Skin -  Desperate Pictures

Nearing Grace - Whitewater Films

Southern Baptist Sissies -  Del Shores Productiions

Demon Hunter - Cannell Films

It Waits - Cannell Films

Road to Havilah - Cannell Films

Campus Ladies - MTV TV Series

Strangers With Candy- MTV

Come Early Morning -  Bold Films

Down in the Valley - Down in the Valley Productions

Autofocus - Sony Classics - starring Greg Kinnear and Willem Dafoe

Laurel Canyon - Sony Classics - starring Frances McDormand

The Big Empty - Echo Lake Productions

Cloud Nine - Out of the Blue Productions 

The Shape of Things - Mepris Films

In Control of All Things  - Shadow Machine Films  

Mysterious Skin - Mysterious Films, LLC

Hillside Strangler - Nightstalker LLC

Nightstalker - Nightstalker LLC

They Are Among Us  - They Are Among Us LLC

Promised Land - Promised Films LLC

Break A Leg - Catchlight Films

Eight Heads in a Duffel Bag - Motion Picture Corporation of America

Gang Related - Motion Picture Corporation of America

Asylum Days - Fresh Produce & Video

Outside Ozona - Ozona Productions

Code of Conduct - Toddler Picture

Dangerous Company - Upbraid Productions

The Flunky - Flunky LLC

Terror Tract  - Terror Tract LLC

The Next Big Thing - KM Productions  

Fearing Mind -Jim Henson Productions

Mr. Baby - Wild Brain Productions

Rat in the Can- Rat in the Can Productions

TV Funhouse - Comedy Central

Telling Stories With Tomie - Jim Henson Productions

The Outfitters -Fringe Elements Productions

Poochini's Yard - Wild Brain Productions  

JIM HENSON PRODUCTIONS - The Animal Show, Bear in the Big Blue House, The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, Farscape, Home Team, Master of Horror and Suspense, Muppets Tonight

COMEDY CENTRAL PRODUCTIONS -Strangers With Candy, Upright Citizens Brigade

PROSPERITY FILMS, INC/7.23 PRODUCTIONS - Across The Line, Dish Dogs, La Cucaracha, Nowhere Land, One Hell of A Guy, Shark in a Bottle, Waiting to Inhale, 12:21, Romantic Moritz

ED ANCOATS, INC. - Carriers, The Journey: Absolution, Convict 762, Apocalypse, Dark Planet, Timelock


Larry Levinson Productions

Regent Entertainment

All Channel Films

Morningstar Entertainment

Artist View Entertainment

Curiously Bright Entertainment

Quantum Releasing

Pinnacle Entertainment

American World Pictures

DMG Holdings

Law Firm of Laverne Berry

Law Firm of Richard J. Lee

Arts & Industry



ER Retrospective - NBC/Warner Bros.

Desperate Housewives: Sorting Out the Dirty Laundry - Disney/ABC

Lost: The Journey ( - Disney/ABC

The Beatles Revolution - ABC Television 
Dial H for Hitchcock - Universal Studios/Rocket Science Laboratories 
Orson Welles - One Man Band - Showtime 

Second City Presents - Second City Presents

Dick Van Dyke Boxed Set - Paul Brownstein Productions

Ellen - TV series to DVD - A&E Productions

Apocalypse Now Redux - Zoetrope Studios
The Making of Inherit The Wind - Showtime 
The Story of Computer Graphics - Steve Silas Productions 
Jazz Collection (10 episodes) - ex nihilo (France) 
A&E's The History of Las Vegas - MPH Entertainment 
100 Years of the American Western - Jack Haley Productions 
Spytek : A History of Spying - Discovery Channel 
Elizabeth Taylor: A Celebration of Life - Tall Pony Productions 
Jackie Chan - My Life and My Stunts - Media Asia (Hong Kong) 
100 Years of the American Western - Jack Haley Productions 
Bradymania - Malcolm Leo Productions 
A&E Biographies: Jamie Lee Curtis , Tom Hanks - Hollywood Stars 
Journey of the African-American Athlete - HBO 


2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Primetime Creative Arts Emmys - Goldberg & O'Reily/ATAS

American Teachers Awards 2000 - Smith-Hemion Productions 
Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year Awards 2000 - Cream Cheese Films 
PETA's Party of the Year and Humanitarian Awards - Tenth Planet 
The 2000 & 1999 Radio Music Awards - Tall Pony Productions 
The 1999 Source Hip-Hop Awards - Tall Pony Productions 
1999 Creative Arts Primetime Emmys - Goldberg & O'Reily 
1998 Comic Relief -Moffitt-Lee Productions 
1998 & 2000 Creative Arts Emmys - Goldberg & O'Reily 
The 1996 Primetime Emmy Awards - Academy of Television Arts & Sciences 
The CableACE Awards (1994, 1995, 1996) - Tall Pony Productions 
Screen Actors Guild Awards - Visualize Productions 
Television Hall of Fame - Smith-Hemion Productions 
American Teachers Awards - Smith-Hemion Productions & Davidson Pictures 
The 40th Anniversary of NASCAR - Tall Pony Productions 
TV Guide's 40th Anniversary - Andrew Solt Productions 
Bob Hope's 90th Birthday - NBC Productions - received an Emmy nomination 
Lucy & Desi: A Home Movie - Arluck Entertainment - received an Emmy nomination 
Comedy Store 10th Anniversary - Cream Cheese Productions 
Legend to Legend - NBC Productions 


Tony Orlando & Dawn: The Ultimate Collection (DVD) - Respond2 Entertainment

The Captain & Tennille: The Ultimate Collection (DVD) - Respond2 Entertainment

Donny & Marie: The Ultimate Collection (DVD) - Respond2 Entertainment

The Best of Tom Jones (DVD) - Tango Entertainment

Jim Belushi & Dan Aykroyd: The Have Love Will Travel Revue - Charter Communications

UNCF An Evening of Stars 25th Anniversary - Lou Horvitz Productions

UNCF An Evening of Stars - Lou Horvitz Productions

UNCF - PSA - Lou Horvitz Productions

Ann Wilson: From the Heart - Colorado Production Group

The Sonny & Cher Ultimate Collection - Respond 2 Entertainment (DVD)

The Color Honeymooners - Paul Brownstein Productions

The Essential Barbra Streisand - Sony Video

Timeless - Barbra Streisand - Concert, TV show & DVD 

The Glen Campbell Good Time Hour - Country Music Television

Jennifer Lopez- Let's Get Loud NBC Special - Handprint Entertainment
Cher Do You Believe Tour - HBO Special 
British Rock Symphony - David Fishof Presents 
British Invasion Returns - Connecticut Public Broadcasting 

Rowan & Martin's Laughin - George Schlatter Productions (Trio Cable System & Home Video/DVD)

Rockapella - MPI Productions

Drew Carey's Improv All-Stars - International Mammoth Entertainment

The Judds Reunion Concert - Tall Pony Productions 
Moving With Nancy (Sinatra) - Image Entertainment 
Hey La, Hey La, Girl Groups Are Back - Connecticut Public Broadcasting/Image Entertainment 
Barbra Streisand: The Concert  (1993)- JEG Productions, Inc. 
Barbra Streisand: Just for the Record (1991)- Barwood Productions 
Michael Jackson HIStory album - MJJ Productions 
Diva Las Vegas: Bette Midler's HBO Special - Cream Cheese Productions 
Carol Channing and Pearl Bailey on Broadway Video - Paul Brownstein Productions 
CBS Salutes Lucille Ball - Paul Brownstein Productions 
Opera in the Outback with Kiri Te Kanawa - Image Entertainment 
A Tribute to Gershwin - Image Entertainment 
Peter Frampton Live in Detroit - Image Entertainment 

Kenny Rankin In Concert - Image Entertainment
James Brown Live at the House of Blues - Wedge Productions/Image Entertainment 
The Best of Andy Williams Video - Moon River Entertainment 
The Best of Sonny & Cher Video - Paul Brownstein Productions 
Motown 40 Anniversary - dePasse Entertainment 
Grammys' Greatest Moments - Pierre Cossette Productions 
Judy Garland: A Platinum Jubilee - Wiley Entertainment 
Kenny Rogers Christmas - Kragen & Associates 
Vibe TV - Quincy Jones Entertainment/Columbia Tri-Star Television 
The Best of the Midnight Special - Burt Sugarman Productions 
Sinbad: Son of a Preacher Man - Tall Pony Productions 
Sinbad Summer Jam - Tall Pony Productions 
Frank Sinatra Duets - George Schlatter Productions/Capitol Records 
Neil Diamond - In My Lifetime - Sony Legacy 
Blind Melon Home Video & Enhanced CD - Capitol Records 
ABC Primetime Live Interview with Michael Jackson - ABC News 
Michael Jackson Talks to Oprah - Harpo Productions 
Dangerous: The Short Films/Michael Jackson - MJJ Productions 
Frank Sinatra's 75 Birthday - George Schlatter Productions 
Prince's Trust Concerts -- Image Entertainment 
Best of the Hollywood Palace - Malcolm Leo Productions 
Billboard Music Awards - Fox Television 
Ringo Starr-Going Home - Disney Channel 
Jackson Browne-Going Home - Disney Channel & Jackson Browne 
A Day in the Life of Country Music - Kragen Productions 
35th Anniversary of the Grammy Awards - Pierre Cossette Productions/NARAS 
Grammy Video Library - Pierre Cossette Productions/NARAS 


Comedy Central Presents 100 Greatest Comics - Central Productions LLC

Comedy Central Presents Mouthing Off! 51 Greatest Smartasses - Funhouse Productions 

TV You Weren't Meant To See - 20th Century Fox

I Love Lucy's 50th Anniversary - Arluck Productions
American Comedy Awards - George Schlatter Productions 
The Comedy Hall of Fame - George Schlatter Productions 
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-in 25th Anniversary Show - George Schlatter Productions 
The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour - Paul Brownstein Productions 
World's Greatest Comedy Duos - Eytan Keller Productions 
A Party for Richard Pryor - George Schlatter Productions 
TV's All Time Favorites - Nash Productions 
Who Makes You Laugh II - Ernie Chambers Productions & Winsome Entertainment 
The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour - Paul Brownstein Productions/E! Entertainment Television 
World's Greatest Animal Outtakes - Brad Lachman Productions 
Unknown Marx Brothers - Crewneck Productions 
Bob Hope Christmas Shows - Hope Enterprises 
100 Funniest Moments in American Comedy - Readers Digest/Grinker Prods. 


I Love Lucy Infomercial - Columbia House Video Library

Carol Burnett Infomerical - Columbia House Video Library

The World's Funniest Commercials - Andrew Solt Productions 
Brought to You By -- Post-Newsweek Productions 

Nick At Nite's TV Land - MTV Networks 


National Lampoon's Funny Money - Inn-Finn-Ity Productions

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire - Celebrities, Sports, Comics
The Price Is Right - Mark Goodson Productions 
Jeopardy - Sony Pictures


VIBE - Columbia Tri-Star Television 
The Mike & Maty Show - Valleycrest Productions/ABC 
Personalities - Fox Television 


The Apprentice- Mark Burnett Productions


Elvis Has Left the Building - Lookalike Productions

Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion - Zambuling Pictures

Miss America Pageants 1955 and 1958 - Miss America Organization

Tribute to Mr. Rogers - WQED Pittsburgh

How to Get The Man's Foot Outta Your Ass - Showtime Productions

My Wife Is An Actress - Sony Classics
The Sixties - NBC Productions 
The Passion of Ayn Rand - Showtime 
Things To Do in Denver When You're Dead - Boat Drinks, Inc. 
Armistead Maupin's More Tales of the City - Productions La Fete (Canada) 
Elvis Meets Nixon - Showtime Entertainment 
Muppets Tonight - Jim Henson Productions 
Warner Bros Classic Christmas Moments - Tri-Crown Productions 
Petsburgh USA - Disney TV 
TV Land Interstitial Programming - TV Land 
The Jacksons: The American Dream - De Passe Entertainment 
Corrina, Corrina - Hughes Avenue Films 
In the Mouth of Madness - John Carpenter 
This Is Your Life - Ralph Edwards Productions 
A Century of Women - VU Productions/Turner Entertainment 
Jacqui's Dilemma - Planet Grande Productions 
A Woman of Independent Means - Robert Greenwald Productions -Music Supervision 

American Wedding - Beneath The Crust - InCue Productions

Paramount's 90th Birthday - 5555 Communications

NYPD Blue 10th Anniversary Special - ABC Television

Sleepy Hollow: Behind The Legend - Paramount Pictures 
The Making of Shaft - Paramount Pictures 
Closeup on The Conversation - Paramount Home Video 
The Making of Rosemary's Baby - Paramount Home Video 
Jennifer Lopez Video - Sony Music Entertainment 
Celine Dion Videos - Then You Look At Me, My Heart Will Go On, and Up Close & Personal - Sony Music
Bruce Springsteen Video Anthology - Sony Music Entertainment 
The Making of Inherit The Wind - Showtime 
Double Jeopardy - Behind The Scenes - Paramount Pictures 
Beggars & Choosers -- Behind The Scenes - Showtime 
The New Scream Queens - Showtime 
The Making of Titanic - Paramount Pictures 
20th Anniversary of Grease - Paramount Pictures 
Disney Young Musicians - Patrick Davidson Productions 
Making Disney Magic - Patrick Davidson Productions 
Behind the Scenes of Forrest Gump - Paramount Pictures 
Mel Gibson's Braveheart: A Filmmaker's Passion - Paramount Pictures 
The Making of "Congo" - Paramount Pictures 
Wyatt Earp: Walk with a Legend - Elan Productions/Warner Bros. 
The Making of Batman Forever - Pattyson Meadows Productions 
Leslie Nielsen: Naked Gun - Paramount Pictures 

The Motown Cafe - Polygram/Boston Ventures 
Tinseltown - Ogden Entertainment 

The Snow Pit - Reuben Bercovitch

Songs in the Rough - Steven Bishop 
Dizzy & Jimmy (about James Dean) 

Grammys CD-Rom - Mindscape 
Terrence Trent D'Arby - nu.millenia 
Clint Walker - nu.millenia 
On the Road with B.B. King - MCA Interactive 
Angels - The Mysterious Messengers - Digital Ranch 
Don't Touch That Dial - Compact Publishing
Route 66 - Cambridge Digital Media 
Movie Screen Saver - Asymmetrix 
Pink Panther Screen Saver - Asymmetrix 

The Essential Barbra Streisand (commercial & CD Booklet)- Sony Music 
Hollywood & Highland - TrizecHahn 
Chevrolet Malibu Premiere - Campbell-Ewald Advertising 
Chevy Ventura Minivan Premiere - Campbell-Ewald Advertising 
Direct TV - Campbell Ewald Advertising 
The Motown Cafe (New York and Las Vegas) - Boston Ventures 
Microsoft - Campos Creative Works 
Sony Theatres Special Announcement - Sony 

Manzanar Historic Site Museum - Signature Communications 
Video Vocabulary - STG, Inc. 
Tokyo Auto Museum - Paradise Fish 

City Sidewalks - Metropolitan Media, Inc.

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